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Blockchain Revolution

Today’s Internet, commonly referred to as Web 2.0, is broken. Web 3.0 is being built to hopefully fix key shortcomings. When the Internet was built security, privacy and confidentiality were always bolted on after the fact. It was not a priority. Profit, speed and free came before designing an Internet based on trust. All of this data, our data, controlled in highly centralized computer systems and networks. Change is coming. It is called the “Blockchain Revolution” that hopes and promises a better future. To change practically everything when it comes to how we transact with one another, how we transact online and how our data, our personally identifiable data, will be finally controlled by those who actually own the data.. by you.. the customer.. the person who has rights and is NOT the product.

Disruptive Technology: Blockchain

Frequently Asked Questions

What is decentralization?

Distributed ledger technology is at the core of decentralized computing. These cryptonetworks are better than centralized services on the Internet like that of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix or Google for a variety of reasons. To understand completely deconstructing how a Blockchain works and why game theory and crypto economics and ultimately, Mathematics lays a foundation of trust which is not controlled by any central organization or individual.

What is the Blockchain Revolution?

The Blockchain Revolution, a phrase coined by Don Tapscott in his foundational book called “Blockchain Revolution.” In the past 4 years developers and teams across the planet have been building on the hopes and promises of a new decentralized economy. Blockchain is the technology that the new decentralized economy will be building on. Decentralized computing will change practically everything when it comes down to how we transact with one another, how we transact online, how our data and our personal identifiable data will be controlled.