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Blockchain CLT brings 25+ years of technology, sales, and business development and consulting experience.

Blockchain Revolution

We know that today’s Internet, commonly referred to as Web 2.0, is not always safe. Blockchain CLT is excited to work in the Web 3.0 space where key shortcomings are being fixed. Unfortunately security, privacy and confidentiality came secondary when the Internet was built. Because trust took a backseat to profit and speed, the internet was designed to store all of your data in centralized computer systems and networks. The good news for your security – change, known as the “Blockchain Revolution,” is coming. We will transact with one another and online in a much more secure way – you will finally control your personally identifiable data!

Disruptive Technology: Blockchain

Frequently Asked Questions

What is decentralization?

Decentralized computing is giving resources to other locations, done through blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Blockchain and DLT encrypt your data and carry it through crypto networks instead of centralized services (like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) storing your information on their platforms.

What is the Blockchain Revolution?

The Blockchain Revolution, a phrase coined by Don Tapscott in his foundational book “Blockchain Revolution,” is the phenomenon happening today among developers. For the past 4 years, teams across the planet have been creating blockchains in anticipation of a decentralized economy.
This decentralized economy is being built on blockchain technology, which will allow us transact online and with one another.