About Us

The Opportunity

It's 2018 - the year of blockchain hype, pilots and POCs. By June, more than 27k new blockchain startups were launched, reaching an all-time high and surpassing 2017’s numbers.

The Problem

ICOs, Scams and a Crypto Bear Market continue to muddle the space, causing noise and confusion that mirrors the birth of the Internet.

The Solution

Find the signal within the market noise. With decades of IT expertise and experience working with Fortune 100 customers, Blockchain CLT is thrilled to introduce their Emerging Technology Business Services (ETBS) product - a way to find that signal.

ETBS identifies and defines the significant benefits blockchains can bring to your business. ETBS then works with your team to make your blockchain business case more

Meet Our Leaders

Ricardo is a Cyber Security, Digital Identity and Decentralized Computing professional. He brings over 20 years of experience working globally in the High Technology industry with customers in Financial Services, Healthcare, Public Sector,  and Telecommunications. As a champion for human rights, Ricardo's passion is to transform our world through technology for social impact initiatives.


Ricardo Diaz

Founder | Managing Partner


Ron Horn

Founder | Managing Partner

Ron is an Information Technology Executive with over 25 years of experience leading and transforming technology initiatives in healthcare, retail, manufacturing and the federal government. He is focused on his craft, capabilities and expertise in enterprise cyber security, operations, risk management, technology innovation and leadership.

“To avoid being caught flat-footed, policymakers will need to understand the basic outlines of blockchain, what it enables us to do that we could not do before and what this means for governments and how they operate”   

-Inside the Black Blocks Mowat Centre, Canadian Government