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A Business First, Blockchain Second Approach.

2018 was not only the year of blockchain POCs and Pilots, but also the year of blockchain hype reaching an all time high. By June,  more than 27K new blockchain startups were launched surpassing that of 2017. ICOs and scams have been nonstop and a crypto bear market continues to paint a negative light on the space, causing a level of noise and confusion not seen since the birth of the Internet. Finding the signal in the noise of this market is what blockchain CLT professionals bring to the table. With multiple decades of I.T. expertise and experience working with Fortune 100 customers, Blockchain CLT is happy to introduce the Emerging Technology Business Services (ETBS) group.

Our focal point for enterprise and government customers is identifying and defining the significant business benefits blockchains can deliver. ETBS will work with your team to make the blockchain business case. What it means to be more transparent, more efficient and better protected by a computer system built on trust. Start by identifying the real business value of decentralized computing.

“To avoid being caught flat-footed, policymakers will need to understand the basic outlines of blockchain, what it enables us to do that we could not do before and what this means for governments and how they operate”  Inside the Black Blocks Mowat Centre, Canadian Government

Think Big but Start Small

For blockchain business benefits to come to fruition, organizations need to think big but start small. Learn what internal use cases exist for the business first. Identify cross-company processes to optimize. Define the paradigm shift. How will the industry or company function in the future leveraging distributed ledger technology. Then execute. Start small by getting educated and “avoid being caught flat footed”.

Blockchain for Social Impact

At Blockchain CLT we are focused on not only supporting the global adoption of blockchains for business but also driving projects within our local community to leverage technology for social good.

For example, any and all efforts to leverage technology to stamp out or at a minimum make a tangible effort to slow down the $150 billion industry that is Human Trafficking. Begin with a decentralized identity. Drive, construct and support the standardization of a global self-sovereign identity for everyone on the planet.

Why Charlotte? Charlotte is the #1 city in North Carolina and #8 in the U.S.A. where Human Trafficking is the worst. There are many victims and potential at-risk victims in Charlotte and surrounding areas. 5,000 homeless people reside in Charlotte. Research has shown within 48 hours of being homeless, girls and young adults, are preyed on by human traffickers.

We support blockchain initiatives like the United Nations Sustainable Development goals,  ID2020 , the World Identity Network , UNOPS, the Polaris Project and many other nonprofits and NGOs fighting human trafficking. Blockchain for social impact use cases cut across many local issues the Charlotte and surrounding areas deal with everyday. Social mobility, homelessness,

Services Available

Whether curious about self-sovereign identities, an NGO or nonprofit interested in partnering in a Blockchain for Humanity initiative or public sector organization in need of a blockchain strategy… Blockchain CLT Emerging Technology Business Services can help with your blockchain journey.

  • Blockchain Startup GTM Strategy
  • Enterprise Accelerator Workshop
  • Decentralized Identity Systems
  • Blockchain Training
  • Blockchain for Social Impact

Meet the Founder

Blockchain technology is the most disruptive innovation since the dawn of the Internet.  For almost 25 years Ricardo has worked with customers and teams globally delivering high tech solutions. The next decade we will be spend accelerating Blockchain market adoption through traditional business customers but most important, through community projects for social good.

Ricardo Diaz

Founder | CEO

25 year technology professional dedicated to Transforming our World one decentralized project at a time.

Experienced Leader

Technical Architect

Social Impact Entreprenuer

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