Let’s Build the NEW Internet Together but Start Somewhere Important

Blockchain, Crypto Currency and Digital Ledger Technology are leading technology trends disrupting industry after industry. A “NEW” Internet (Web 3.0) is being built on top of a decentralized world with Blockchain technology charging to the front of everyone’s budget and spend plans. An entire new ecosystem is being built out to replace the old, insecure and hackable Internet.

Transactional business process inefficiencies of the past, weak cyber security and privacy controls and even human error will all be significantly improved by this Blockchain Revolution.

At Blockchain CLT’ building this new Web 3.0 ecosystem starts with Charlotte first. Starts with protecting it’s children and future proactively. Charlotte has dire criminal problem endangering our children. Charlotte no longer has to tolerate being ranked in the TOP TEN U.S. Cities where Human Trafficking is rampant.

Blockchain for Good Social Entrepreneurs

Ultimately, beyond crypto currency hype, market volatility, good and bad ICOs and the excitement of when Web 3.0 will finally arrive, Blockchain for Humanity projects should be on everyone’s radar. Hopefully with such a bright and exciting future in front of us, we all can dedicate part of our time and energy to realizing the tremendous benefits Blockchain can have on humanity beyond our own personal benefits. Bring banking to the unbanked. Bring modern medicine and extend lives in countries that need it. Help abolish Human Trafficking with Blockchain via a decentralized self-sovereign identity, A.I. and other technologies.

At Blockchain CLT we are laser focused on not only supporting the global adoption of Blockchain but any and all efforts to leverage technology to stamp out or at a minimum make a tangible effort to slow down the $150 billion industry that is Human Trafficking. Begin with a decentralized identity. Drive, construct and support the standardization of a global self-sovereign identity for everyone on the planet.

Why CLT? Charlotte is the #1 city in North Carolina and #5 in the U.S.A. where Human Trafficking is the worst. There are many victims and potential at-risk victims in Charlotte and surrounding areas. 6,000 Homeless people reside in Charlotte. Research has shown within 48 hours of being homeless, girls and young adults, are preyed on by human traffickers.

We support Blockchain initiatives like ID2020 , the World Identity Network , UNOPS, Lily Pad Haven, the Polaris Project and many other nonprofits and NGOs fighting human trafficking.

Blockchain CLT brings 20+ Years of Technology, Sales, Business Development and Consulting Experience Working:

  • with cyber security, cloud, mobile, identity management systems, decentralized identity systems, blockchain and DLT
  • with startups big and small,
  • with large enterprises across financial services, public sector and communications industries and other key industries
  • within Silicon Valley with venture capital firms to angel investors
  • with thousands of customers across the planet from Berlin to São Paulo, Singapore to Paris, Milan to New York City.
  • with the local, state and federal community to develop a solution and services here to make a difference