Crypto Unicorns and Blockchains?

Understanding the crypto asset market is not for the faint of heart. The rise of Bitcoin and its underlying technology, The Blockchain, launching to meteoric heights at the end of 2017 has taken the World by storm. This crypto asset market of thousands of Bitcoin like crypto currencies and tokens has given birth to new economic heavy weights, the Crypto Unicorns. What are they? Who are they? Why has their value skyrocketed so high in such a short time?

Crypto Bubble

Crypto Market Bubble or New Dawn

The History of Bubbles Is the crypto market slowing down?Hundreds of new blockchain companies were created every month during the last quarter of 2017. These companies, traded in the crypto asset market , grew the market to $800 B capitalization. However, this market is still at an early stage of development and it is likely … Continue reading Crypto Market Bubble or New Dawn

How Blockchain Startups Benefit from the New Cypto Asset Market

Blockchain Startups are Driving the Growth of the Crypto Asset MarketBitcoin's volatile high price has brought attention to crypto asset market valuations. Less consideration were given to the important caracteristics of the technology behind it. Blockchain technology has accelerated the creation of start ups by facilitating sourcing of open software for developers, while democratizing the … Continue reading How Blockchain Startups Benefit from the New Cypto Asset Market