Our Give

Creating Sustainable Development

With every new client, we are able to commit a portion of our time and efforts to integrating Blockchain for Humanity with the local Charlotte community and surrounding area.

We believe in giving back. By using our services, we are able to partner with Technology for Social Impact and work on projects for the local Charlotte community and surrounding areas. 

The scary truth - Charlotte is #1 in North Carolina and #8 in the US for highest Human Trafficking rates. Our 5,000 homeless are often at-risk or victims. Research has shown that girls and young adults are preyed on by human traffickers within 48 hours of being homeless. 

On a global scale, Blockchain CLT supports Blockchain initiatives like the United Nations Sustainable Development goals, ID2020, The World Identity Network, UNOPS, the Polaris Project and other nonprofits/NGOs fighting human trafficking.

Blockchain CLT believes in focusing on these local and global social issues with blockchain for social impact.