Our Services

Business first, blockchain second.

Our Philosophy

Entrepreneurs, blockchain startups and existing crypto projects face many challenges. Our strategic business programs provide management consulting services to any stage venture by focusing on these areas:

  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Customer Success
  • Community Building

Who We Serve

Designed to serve Enterprises, Startups, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), Nonprofits, Blockchain for Humanity Initiatives and Public Sector Organizations, Blockchain CLT helps you get started and define your distributed ledger technology (DLT) strategy.

Our Packages

Blockchain CLT evaluates and identifies the significant benefits that DLT can deliver to your business through one of four ways.

  1. Emerging Technology Business Services
  2. Venture Services
  3. Social Impact
  4. Blockchain Identity Management

Emerging Technology Business Services In Depth

  1. Executive Lunch & Learns
  2. Business Benefits & Technical Workshops
  3. DLT Academy

Connect with our experts to understand and embrace the Decentralized future and begin your strategy today. Contact us!