Blockchain for Social Impact

We support Blockchain for Humanity projects such as the one championed by the U.N.,World Identity NetworkWorld Identity Network and now Consensys to put an end to one of the worst crimes against humanity, Human Trafficking.

UN Sustainable Development Goal #16.9, Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions, aiming to “provide legal identity to all, including birth registration, by 2030.”

Blockchain CLT is focused on making a real tangible impact to fight human trafficking.  Our Social Impact Foundry services supports the development of technology for humanitarian causes. Leveraging innovative, industry disruptive technology, only available in the past 5 years, combined with other technical innovations to stop human trafficking is our initial goal.

Equally important is fostering and promoting collaboration and change in the Charlotte and North Carolina community. Especially in  local and state governments.

Technology is not the silver bullet answer to stop human trafficking. Blockchain technology can and will for the first time, be also used as a preventative measure to protect our children and not only a solution to support the victims of human trafficking after the fact.

To “Change the World” for good.. for the good of our children and their future, requires many organizations and people to come together.  To not only promote change but actually get new legislation passed to promote NEW policies and procedures for many organizations along the “human trafficking SUPPLY CHAIN” to leverage a Blockchain Registry to enforce better protection of our children and victims of human trafficking.

Decentralized Identity Management

It is early 2000 again when the identity management space was the Wild West. We had over 60 different identity management vendors fighting for dominance. By the end of 2010 the market had consolidated down to 3 major software vendors.  IBM, Oracle and C.A. with a few remaining niche vendors.  Globally businesses , governments, Nonprofits and NGOs had invested in some  kind of identity management solution.  A centralized identity management system.

Decentralized identity management is in early stages with over 20 startups in this space and growing.  New standards and protocols have been and are being created by organizations like the Decentralized Identity Foundation and the Sovrin organization. (Read more on the Definitions and Resources Pages)

Decentralized identity management systems are the future of managing your identity, how you will transact with the World on the Internet, at work, in your community and commerce across the planet.  You will do this with a decentralized identity, a global ID, but one not controlled by a central governments or massive central enterprise system (like Facebook, Google or Amazaon). This identity will be a self-sovereign identity.

Self-Sovereign Identity

Self-Sovereign IdentityWhat’s a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)?

The Decentralized Identity Foundation defines SSI as a digital identity which can be defined as a lifetime portable digital identity that does not depend on any centralized authority.Self-Sovereign Identity

A Self-Sovereign Identity is Decentralized and is a must and the future foundation of the next Internet, Web 3.0 .How important is being in control of your own identity data?  Ask Facebook.  The Facebook scandal and breach of 2 Billion customers identity data is the reason we ALL need a Self-Sovereign Identity!  A DECENTRALIZED identity system controlled by the individual, not the centralized government or enterprise.   Self-Sovereign Identity is the future of identity management.  SSI is the future of how we share information about our self. Is the future of how we will transact with the World.

Every individual, businesses, big and small, nonprofits, NGOs and Governments will need to address how a decentralized identity will affect their lives, business or organization.

Blockchain CLT professionals can help your organization understand where to begin, what the impact will be to your business and help define a strategy to move forward with a plan.


Training and Education

We offer consulting, education, training and services to facilitate the adoption of Distributed Ledger and Blockchain technology in new and established markets.

Blockchain 101 to understanding different Blockchain and DLT protocols, consensus algorithms, permission and permission-less DLT solutions, Crypto Currencies, ICOs, Decentralized Identity systems and what Blockchain 3.0 will bring to the table and much more.