Blockchain Services

Taking a business first, blockchain second approach helps Blockchain CLT professionals identify and define the significant business benefits blockchain’s can deliver.

Exec Lunch & Learn

Business Benefits Workshop

Blockchain Academy

Accelerate Success

Entrepreneurs, blockchain startups and existing crypto projects face many challenges. Our strategic business programs provide management consulting services  to any stage venture.



Customer Success

Community Building

Social Impact

Accelerate the construction of a wide range of solutions and services through Technology for Social Impact projects for the local Charlotte community and surrounding areas.


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Aligning with U.N. SDG “Agenda 2030” global initiatives but locally and domestically.  Many blockchain case studies and use cases have been piloted or tested by global human rights organiazations such as World Bank, World Economic Forum and United Nations

Think Big, Start Small

Change is coming. The business opportunity is “big”.  Blockchain for Social Impact is a change we need to tackle BIG issues we do not have to live with any longer.  Start by educating yourself, your teams, your organization and your community on the basics.  Change is Good.


Next Steps…

Connect with our thought leaders and experts to develop plan and embrace your blockchain future.  Contact us today! Call to Action