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Blockchain for Humanity

Social Impact? Blockchain for Humanity? Blockchain for Good?

Imagine a world where humanitarian aid can reach people affected by crises exponentially faster, where refugees can store their health, education and identification in an uncorrupted system, and where migrant workers can have safer working conditions through smart contracts. This is the world blockchain technologists and humanitarians envision — one with more sustainable and dignified responses to humanitarian crises. –Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA) – Fordham University

Blockchain for Humanity is a global initiative but many social impact project are being launched to leverage this innovative technology for humanitarian causes.

Block Human Trafficking : Start HERE in Charlotte

The Block Human Trafficking (BHT) project is based and focused in Charlotte, NC.

Alone Girl

Why Charlotte?

Charlotte ranks #1 North Carolina and #7 in the U.S. for Human Trafficking. What’s worse is this crime is GROWING here in North Carolina. >40% YoY (2016 vs 2017)

The term “human trafficking” encompasses both sex and labor trafficking, and in North Carolina numbers of reported cases are growing. The most recent data shows 258 reported cases in 2017, which is a dramatic increase from the 182 reported cases in 2016.   –LAURYN HIGGINS, SALON YOUNG AMERICANS 03.07.2018

It is estimated 1,700 girls fall victims to human trafficking every year in North Carolina. Six thousand homeless people live in Charlotte. Within 48 hours of being homeless, girls become victims to sex traffickers.Help Stop Human Trafficking

The Polaris Project : a Federal Human Trafficking Organization


• 26% of the world’s trafficking victims are children. (source: International Labour Organization)

• 1 in 6 U.S. runaways in 2014 were likely victims of child sex trafficking. (source: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

• 978 allegations of human trafficking were made in Florida’s child welfare system in 2014. (source: Florida Dept. of  Children and Families)


Seriously Disrupt the $150B “Human” Trafficking Supply Chain

Blockchain CLT’s Blockchain for Social Impact project is an attempt to make a tangible impact to help stop human trafficking. The BHT venture will do this by leveraging state-of-the-art Blockchain technology, partners and the Charlotte community to transform how we protect our children.

By partnering with technology vendors and service providers, local governments, NGO’s and nonprofit organizations, we hope this ecosystem of organizations and people that fight for basic human rights such as Freedom, will help begin to eradicate this threat to our community, to our children and our future.

The “Block Human Trafficking” project has three primary objectives:

Drive Awareness

Educate, campaign and promote how and why Blockchain, A.I. and other technology can make an impact to “block” and stop human trafficking.

Make Something Happen

Collaborate, push for change, design, develop and drive innovation with technology to make something happen today, tomorrow and in the future.

Change the World

One child, one victim, one person and one digital identity at a time to force change and crush one of the worst crimes against humanity that exist in the World today.

Being hungry, alone, cold and in need of shelter, should lead to open arms willing to help and support people in need.. Not end up a victim of sex trafficking?!

This needs to end but can not without the community in and around Charlotte supporting this Blockchain for Humanity initiative.